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Improve efficiency in assembly line

TORX PLUS® Drive improves assembly line performance and provides excellent opportunities to reduce costs. The design and functionality of TORX PLUS® Drive make it one of the best drive systems for automatic and semi-automatic feeding lines.

TORX PLUS® Drive is the only drive system designed to ensure optimum torque transmission and extended driver bit life, which results in the following benefits:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction of total assembly costs
  • Better ergonomics

CELO’s commitment to continuous improvement has led to a standardize use of TORX PLUS® recess in our entire product range.

TORX PLUS®, is the most efficient drive system for assembly lines.

torx plus features

The elliptically-based geometric configuration of the TORX PLUS® Drive System maximizes engagement between driver and fastener recess. It spreads driving forces over bigger surface area, improving torque transmission and extending tool bit life.

With a true 0° drive angle, TORX PLUS® Drive system ensure optimum torque transmission and virtually eliminates the radial forces that can cause stress on fastener recesses.

The straight, vertical sidewalls of the TORX PLUS® Drive System virtually eliminate cam-out effect and offer perfect tool engagement, thereby reducing the risk of tool slippage and minimizing damage to fastener and surrounding surfaces. The absence of cam-out effect eliminates the need to end-load to keep the driver engaged in the recess, which reduces fatigue and muscular stress during the manual insertion of the fasteners.

Drive durability tests confirm important cost savings and improved productivity resulting from less bit consumption and reduction of line downtime due to bit replacing. (Fig 1)

Screws with TORX PLUS® recess can be driven with TORX® bits. This solution is only recommended in exceptional situations, where the benefits of TORX PLUS® Drive can be noticed. (Fig 2).

Main applications

TORX PLUS® Drive systems can be used for automatic and semi-automatic feeding lines, We particularly recommend its use for the following cases:

  • Screw diameter less than 2mm: Driver bit life and recess strength is increased thanks to TORX® recess.
  • High rate automatic feeding line: the variation TORX PLUS® Autosert® includes positioning ramps on the upper part of the lobes which improves the engagement of the bit into the recess and reduces the assembly time. This feature can increase assembly line productivity up to 5%, depending on the line assembly rate, Fig 3.
  • TORX PLUS® recess allows high tightening torque to provide higher strength assemblies.
  • Optional TORX PLUS® Tamperproof has five lobes and solid post, extremely difficult to remove without special drive tool, Fig 4.

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