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CELO, global industrial fasteners manufacturer


CELO Quality System for automated assembly lines.

The trend to produce more reliable and precise products has been transferred into our factories, incorporating quality control systems in all production stages to maintain the process capability and reduce consistently the number of non-conformity pieces: Process Monitoring modules in cold-forming and thread forming machines, controls for dimensional verification and Statistical Process Control (SPC) in all operations.

Additionally, we offer the latest intelligent inspection technology, optical and laser 3-D on 100% of the production batch that allows us to detect defects on the head, recess, shank and thread dimensions on 360°. By means of this inspection system, we guarantee the conformity of the pieces within the control parameters established according to customer requirements.

We have implemented in our facilities the latest state-of-the art technology in inspection systems, with laser to perform a 360 degree and eddy current coil to do hardness and metallurgical inspection. Eddy current technique provides metallurgical inspection of the part, which means an opportunity to detect the most critical metallurgical defects by a visual deviation in the magnetic display.