Small Things Matter


CELO as a leading fasteners manufacturer since 1963, is committed to greater internationalization, proximity to its global customers and further use of digital tools. With this objective CELO restyled its brand image to deliver a modern logo reflecting the organization’s image, offering easy visualization, clarity in design and a powerful message supporting the key values of CELO.

CELO logo

The new brand identity highlights the importance of small things in CELO’s way of working, of thinking and treating people paying the utmost attention to the smallest details.

CELO knows that small pieces make our world work, from the largest vehicles to the smallest appliances, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Our world is made up of small pieces that together are part of something bigger that cannot fail.

CELO knows its importance, and therefore, as specialists, take care of each piece from the design to the assembly providing the latest technology and innovating to do it better every day.

For all the mentioned above CELO is proud of introducing its new brand

CELO     Small Things Matter

Ever since the beginning, designing innovative products and services that reduce assembly costs and time has been the undercurrent driving CELO. This is what has helped us take bold strategic and client-oriented decisions, which made us groundbreakers and now has made us Global Fasteners leaders. Today, with our new brand identity, at CELO we’re raising the bar a notch higher, marking a new chapter in our history.

CELO Marketing Team