Star Wars Day

Opublikowane:2021-05-04 | Zaktualizowane:2023-03-30

Beskar steel, the ultimate lightweight and strong steel?

In the latest Star Wars series, The Mandalorian, we saw the use of beskar steel, one of the toughest materials in the galaxy, being forged to make strong and lightweight armour. His Armor appears to be light, but also strong. This type of properties would be highly rewarding to most of our customers who innovate year after year using new materials through their design and engineering process. So, what if in one of the future expeditions to new planets find a material which such properties?

Although we are not experts in forging, we are experts in the design and production of screws where we are constantly looking for new and innovative products that solve the challenges that new materials bring on regards of its assembly and applications. We understand the importance of technology and the use of new applications and materials, to create a strong and durable fixing that helps speed up the production process and helps protect you from the dark side. For this reason, we support rebel engineers on their cause to develop further innovations by providing engineering support from its design to the assembly. Despite new materials like beskar steel hasn’t been found yet, we count on experts to give you advice about assembling all type of material resources we currently find on earth.

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Could we find an earthy counterpart to Beskar’s Steel?

The material properties of Beskar steel would rise the interest of most chemist, mechanical engineers, and designers. But would it be possible to find a similar material in Earth?

Because it can be forged, hammered, shaped, and cut like the armors forged in the middle ages using Steel, we could assume that Beskar is a type of steel, meaning an alloy of iron and carbon. Then, considering that Beskar would be stronger than iron, its carbon impurities would make them closer to a type of steel.

In Sri Lanka we can find a type of steel with high-density of carbon called Wootz steel which are forged with the usage of plants rich in carbon such as Bamboo. The result is a steel than contains higher degree of carbon providing stronger and lighter properties in the mix of this steel. The Woodz Steel was used to make Damaskus steel blades, considered very strong and improbable to be broken. The patterns on this type of steel used to build Damascus blades can lead us to think this material being the closest to Beskar on Earth.

For making the best of this strong metal or other metals such as Aluminum, Magnesium and light alloys, we need to make sure that the metals are firmly assembled. Thus, a quality approved screw like TAPTITE 2000® should be used to not only avoid tapping operations, but also provide excellent mechanical properties.

Let us know your thoughts about this and if you have any new material you’d need to assembly, we won’t be able to test it with a Lightsaber but we will definitely get you on the best way to use it for your applications with all the existing technology.