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The best screws for thin metal assembly

Industry constantly seeks to reduce manufacturing and logistics costs. The use of thinner metal sheets helps to reduce material weight but present a new challenge to meet application requirements and avoid problems during the insertion of the screw.

Generally, we consider thin metal sheet assemblies those where the sheet thickness is less than one third of the screw diameter. 

There are different solutions for the assembly of thin metal sheet. The optimal screw to be used in each case will depend on hole configuration, mechanical requirements and installation parameters. 

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You can find below different fastening solutions based on hole configurations. In all case we can consider both steel or aluminum thin metal sheets:

HOLE Configuration
Pivot HoleWithout Pivot HoleExtruded HolesMisaligned Extruded Holes









FASTITE® 2000™


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Expert assistance and custom solutions

We work in cooperation with our customers to find the best solution for the assembly on thin metal, by analyzing the material, hole configuration, mechanical requirements and installation parameters.

Our technicians at CELO test laboratories provide technical reports with valuable data on screw capabilities for specific customer applications. Towards joint analysis and mechanical testing which include screw insertion, threading, failure, loosening torque and pull-out tests, we recommend the optimal solution to best meet your application requirements. 

Additionally, to verify that the dimensions of the selected screws conform to your design, CELO offers you the possibility to download the 3D files of our products.

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FASTITE® 2000™


FASTITE® 2000™