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Best screws for plastic

Screws for plastic are specifically designed with a thread to be used in plastics, meaning soft materials. A screw for plastics has a degree flank angle thread that slices through plastic materials without inducing high stress levels and offering high pull out performance.

Through their unique combination of lightweight, flexibility, durability and other intrinsic properties, plastic materials are used across a wide range of applications in different areas such as automotive, sustainable mobility, electric material and electronics, medical and household appliances to name only a few.

An optimal screw solution to be applied on plastic materials requires a detailed attention to the overall assembly process. Using standard self tapping screws is frequently causing assembly problems since plastic material is liable to burst due to stress during the assembly.

We work in cooperation with our customers to find the best solution for the assembly on plastic materials, by analyzing plastic types, boss configurations, mechanical requirements and installation parameters.

Our technicians at CELO test laboratories provide technical reports with valuable data on screw capabilities for specific customer applications. Towards joint analysis and mechanical testing which include screw insertion, threading, failure, loosening torque and pull-out tests, we recommend the optimal solution to best meet your application requirements.

For a quick selection of the suitable screw for plastic for your application we've created a table based on plastic types, you can follow the tips in the table THREAD TYPE SELECTOR. Or you can just browse through our website using the menu.

Additionally, to verify that the dimensions of the selected screws conform to your design, CELO offers you the possibility to download the 3D files of our products.

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