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PUSHTITE® II™ screws

TRILOBULAR® PUSHTITE® II™ screws are designed for simple push-in insertion. 

This screw is suitable only for assemblies with soft ductile plastics and low mechanical requirements.

It allows a considerable reduction in time and assembly costs.

PUSHTITE® II™ screw benefits


  • The asymmetrical thread of 70° on the leading flank and 10° on the trailing flank results in a screw that requires a greater pull-out and a smaller insertion force.
  • The TRILOBULAR® section minimizes the stress during its insertion and prevent boss bursting problems.

PUSHTITE® II™ screws design specifications

PUSHTITE® II™ screws are produced on special demand to suit your exact requirements.

To improve their functionality, PUSHTITE® II™ screws can be produced with different head types, recess, dimensions and coating configuration. 

For further information on options available and boss design recommendation, please contact our application engineers.

PUSHTITE® II™ screw applications

This screw is specially recommended for soft ductile plastic assemblies with low mechanical requirements and where a reduction of the assembly operation time is required.