In recent years, enormous advances made in the automotive and electronics industries have made cleanliness indispensable to ensure the functionality and quality of the components.

In order to cope with the increasing demand of cleanliness components, CELO has implemented the innovative technical cleaning process – CELOPure® to offer customized solutions to achieve the best possible cleanliness on screw surfaces.

What is technical cleanliness?

Technical cleanliness refers to minimizing product contamination to a predefined level so that particles will not interfere with the function of the technical component.

  • Particle and contaminants can directly affect the reliability of parts, especially when the part is assembled with components from multiple suppliers.
  • To increase the lifespan of a product and improve its performance. A tiny particle can cause a negative impact on its function or safety. Therefore, automotive and electronics industries have a strict control of the amount of dirt, debris, dust, fibers and metal fragments on components.
  • Screws are no exception. At CELO we offer an additional cleaning process for those parts where even the smallest particles on the surface could have serious consequences on the functionality of end-products.

CELO Technical Cleanliness – CELOPure®

CELO screws are cleaned by advanced ultrasonic technology in a cleanroom environment. The cleanliness standard of our product is complied with ISO 16232 and VDA 19.1.

We offer two standard cleanliness levels and customized solutions to meet our customer requirements.

For a reference surface of 1000cm2 and under the test criteria of VDA 19.1 / ISO 16232, the following particle limits must be met:

How do we measure Cleanliness?

In order to monitor the results of the Technical Cleanliness required, our laboratory in Suzhou is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to carry out the cleanliness analysis. All the tests are performed according to the international standards ISO 16232 and VDA 19.1.

A routine cleanliness test is performed before every delivery with qualified extraction parameters. After the extractions, the particles will be analysed, including gravimetry, particle counting and particle identification.

Particles are extracted from the surface of the screw by ultrasonic technology.

Filtration of the extraction liquid by using a filter membrane and vacuum pump.

Steps of CELOPure® Process