TECHDays - Fastening training sessions

jornadas formacion industria

Develope your knwoledge and skills in fasteners and assembly technology

At CELO, we are committed to training our clients with the main objective of maximizing the efficiency of their fasteners engineering and design teams.

We provide highly professional TRAINING courses, to help you get maximum efficiency from your team. We offer a variety of training solutions that will help you to choose the best screw technology and the most adequate tightening approaches for your projects. We also adapt the content of our sessions to the profile of the participants: design engineers, quality engineers, production managers, etc.

Improve your knowledge in assembly technology to:

  • Design your product with the right assembly solution
  • Choose the adequate tightening approach for your projects
  • Anticipate to future assembly problems
  • Select the optimal solution to reduce the total cost of assembly
  • Meet all application requirements

Contact us to request a customized training course to better suit your needs.

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