POWERLOK® screws

The solution for your loosening problems on tapped holes.

When to choose POWERLOK® screw?

How does it work?

TRILOBULAR®  POWERLOK® screw for metal is a unique locking concept solution for tapped holes:

  • The innovative Dual-Angle™ thread form provides “live-action” locking over its entire length, regardless of the fastened materials and operating temperatures.
  • It interferes with the root of the nut thread, which removes any tolerance.
  • To ensure the correct screw performance, the screw’s hardness must be greater than the nut's.

We recommend contacting our technical department to ensure the suitability of POWERLOK® screws for your application.


  • Immediate and continuous locking action. POWERLOK®, being an all-metal locking screw, do not lose their efficiency in high operating temperatures.
  • In-place fastening cost reduction by eliminating the need for additional locking elements, such as adhesive patches, locking washer, etc.
  • Excellent vibration loosening resistance. POWERLOK® screw meets the standards of regulation IFI 524.
  • The spring effect maintains clamping force.
  • POWERLOK® screws are reusable, the thread design ensures continued locking effectiveness after repeated insertions and removals.

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Screw design specifications

We produce customized POWERLOK® screws to fit your exact requirements. To improve their functionality, POWERLOK® screws can be produced under different head designs, recess, dimensions and coating configuration. 

Additionally, we offer POWERLOK® screws in stock for immediate delivery.

For further information on the options available, please contact our application engineers.

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