MAThread® screw

The efficient solution to cross-threading problem in pre-tapped holes.

When to choose MAThread® screw?

How does it work?

1. There's helix misalignment.

2. MAThread® point aligns the screw to fit into nut memeber. It eliminates the risk of cross-threading.

3. Threads drive normally into the nut eliminating the risk of downtime and rework.

MAThread® point screws and its different variants are recommended for assemblies into:

  • Nuts, tapped holes and inserts in full automated assembly lines.
  • Applications susceptible to cross-threading problems.


  • Reduces the cost of assembly: MAThread® point allows an easy and rapis insertion without reducing the installation speed.
  • Avoid cross-threading and blocking problems.
  • MAThread® performance is unaffected by installation speed.

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Screw design specifications

We produce MAThread® screws on special demand to fit your exact requirements. There are different point designs depending on the application requirements:

'P' Point MAThread® for applications in which point length is not a problem.

MATPOINT® is compatible with most of the applications, it absorbs misalignments up to 12º.

VS (Very Short) MATpoint® is ideal for application with limited length of engagement, it absorbs misalignments up to 7º.

For further information on options available and hole configuration, please contact our application engineers.

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