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Production Expertise

Cold Forming screws

CELO production plants count with the most advanced cold forming technology that allows us to produce according to the highest requirements demanded. Thourgh high perform and precise cold forming and thread rolling machines, in-house hardening furnaces and zinc lamellar coating line, latest intelligent inspection technology (laser and optical) and EDI solutions we ensure the quality of our products and services.

The different processs are integrated with management system that allows us to monitor all manufacturing operations in real-time and optimize the efficiency of productive resources in the plants.

We use the most advanced cold forming technology (up to five forming stages) and complement with machining when it's required by the pieces geometry. After that, roll forming process takes place. Both cold forming and rolling processes have a process mornitoring system which detect broken punches and allows to sprt of defective parts.

Along complete manufacturing process all dimensions are controlled and registered, which permits tracking and correct deviations.