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Fastener application engineering

application engineering

We listen to your needs involving ourselves to your project’s success. 

CELO's engineering department works closely with our customers on the design of optimal solutions for their assemblies, to ensure that our products meet each application requirements and deliver everything that is expected of them.

The entire project is to be analyzed while focusing on the materials, specific application requirements and installation parameters, including screwdrivers and tightening procedures.

Our application engineers assist our customer to design their optimal solution and then, validate their design through laboratory tests as well as the production line to ensure that the right parameters are applied. They also contribute to detect cost saving opportunities and implement continuous improvement procedures.

Once entire application analysis and the suitability laboratory tests have been completed, our application engineers can help you by providing:

  • CAD models for the recommended parts
  • Joint dimensional parameters
  • Optimal assembly parameters (torque range, speed, angle, end-load, preload…)
  • Mechanical resistance limits (tensile strength, min. pull out forces, shear strength…)
  • Production line support for project implementation and follow up. The most complete data collection to ensure a perfect project deployment.

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Published: 2020-02-01