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CELO, global industrial fasteners manufacturer

Sealing screws

There are numerous industrial applications where the product must be sealed to protect from tampering or unauthorized manipulation. CELO provides sealing screw made by a cold forming process that offer great cost saving opportunities and improved performance. 


Sealing screws benefits.

The possibility to produce plastic thread eliminate the need of metal inserts and offer the following advantages: 

• Cost reduction on insert price and mold insertion costs.
• Material can be easily recycled
• It improves assemblies’ mechanical properties (increased vibration loosening resistance)

Sealing screws design specifications.

Cold forming process enables:

• Combined recess POZI + SLOT
• Self-threading screws for plastics (CELOPLAST, REMFORM®, REMFORM®II ’HS’)
• Machine and partial threaded.

SEALING screws are produced on special demand to suit your exact requirements. For further information, please contact our application engineers.

Sealing screws applications.

Electrical boxes - Enclosures - Electric meters - Gas meters - Taximeters