TORX PLUS® AUTOSERT® includes compound angle ramps that guide the drive bit into the recess, creating a self-centering and engaging action.

The AUTOSERT® feature is specially recommended for automated, robotic and other assembly situations, where the driver bit is continuously rotating.

Screws with TORX PLUS® AUTOSERT® recess are assembled with TORX PLUS® bits.

Want to know how to apply TORX PLUS® AUTOSERT® drive in your application?


- Reduces assembly time

The ramp feature of TORX PLUS® AUTOSERT® facilitates the alignment of the drive bit into the recess, ensuring perfect engagement without slowing down the assembly speed.

AUTOSERT® technical features allow for a productivity increase in assembly line up to 5% (depending on production rate).

- Increase tool life

The larger cross-sectional area and elliptical based geometry increase the contact surface to maximize engagement between the driver and the fastener, extending the tool's life. This ultimately reduces costs and downtime associated with changing the bit.

- Increased torque transfer

TORX PLUS® AUTOSERT® drive system eliminates the radial forces that can cause stress on the fastener. This ensures higher torque transmission and, ultimately, required clamp load without the risk of cam out.

- Higher speed engagement

Allows for higher rpm engagement, it’s not necessary to slow down assembly speed to ensure proper fastening. Laboratory testing reveals 100% of screws using AUTOSERT® feature were engaged with TORX PLUS® Drive bits rotating at 700 rpm.