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Solve loosening problems on tapped holes and reduce in-place fastening costs.

powerlok screws

TRILOBULAR® POWERLOK® screw is unique solution with locking concept on tapped holes: the thread design provides locking action over the entire length, independently of the base material and working temperatures.

Advantages of POWERLOK®screws.

• Immediate and continuous locking action.

• In-place fastening cost reduction by eliminating the need for additional locking elements.

• Excellent vibration loosening resistance.

• The spring effect maintains clamping.

How does POWERLOK® screws work?


The innovative Dual-Angle™ thread form provides “live-action” locking.

It interferes in the root of the nut thread, eliminating any tolerance.

To ensure a correct performance of the screw, screw hardness values should be higher than nut ones.

We recommend to contact our technical department to assure the feasibility of POWERLOK® screws in your application.

Design specifications for POWERLOK® screws.

Apart from the references available in stock, we produce customised screws to fit your exact requirements.

To improve their functionality, RPOWERLOK® screws can be produced under different head styles, recess, dimensions and coating configuration. 

For further information on options available, please contact our applications engineers.

Applications of POWERLOK® screws.

POWERLOK® screws are recommended for:

• The assembly of components under severe vibration conditions and expansion/contraction cycles in tapped holes.

• Alternative solution to adhesive patches on metric screws and locking nuts.

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