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Thin metal sheet assemblies with metric thread configuration.

extrude-tite thin metal

EXTRUDE-TITE® thread rolling screws provide optimal performance for the assembly of untapped thin metal sheets with low threading torque requirements.

EXTRUDE-TITE® screw benefits

  • Single-lead thread provides metric thread configuration.
  • Low thread forming torque guarantees ergonomics.
  • Greater thread engagement provides high pull-out and vibration loosening resistance.
  • Excellent alignment allows its use with off-centered holes.
  • Thin materials piercing thanks to its the optional cut off point

EXTRUDE-TITE® screws in stock

Current stock references are included below:

To improve their functionality, EXTRUDE-TITE® screws can be produced with different head types, recess, dimensions and coating configurations. 

For further information on options available, please contact our application engineers.

Recommended pilot hole sizes for EXTRUDE-TITE® screws

The recommended dimensions for hole diameter are the same as for FASTITE ®2000 available at DESIGN GUIDELINES.

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