When to choose Sealing screw?


The possibility to produce plastic thread eliminate the need of metal inserts and offer the following advantages: 

  • Cost reduction on insert price and mold insertion costs.
  • Material can be easily recycled. 
  • It improves assemblies’ mechanical properties (increased vibration loosening resistance)

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Screw design specifications

SEALING screws are produced on special demand to suit your exact requirements.

Cold forming process enables Sealing screws with:

  • Cylindrical head with the possibility to make one or two holes.
  • Combined recess POZI + SLOT, allows installation in automated assembly line and makes the SLOT accessible for the installer.
  • Self-threading screws for plastics (CELOspark®, REMFORM®, REMFORM®II HS™)
  • Machine and partial threaded.

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