Assembly technical test

TESTING is the most reliable way to discover the necessary inputs to ensure maximum productivity and quality of any industrial assembly process. Many relevant parameters can be derived from in-house tests.

CELO’s qualified engineering team provides specific test and measurement reports for each customer according to his/her requirements.

Our laboratories allow us to carry out the following tests:

  • Torque tests are the most commonly completed test to optimize adjustment parameters in any screw assembly line. Static & dynamic tests: by means of electronically controlled testing equipment that allows us to reproduce multiple torque ramps and speed variation measurements. Their results let us establish proper setup conditions and provides estimations on energy consumption, ergonomics and stability. Prevailing on and off, breakaway, seating and failure torque values can also be determined via tests. 
  • Clamp Load Studies allow us to determine the tightness and load capacity of an assembly.
  • Mechanical Properties Validation is the basic parameter of any screw joint. It relates directly to the mechanical properties of the assembly and its components (Tensile, compression, pull-out and shearing forces)
  • Corrosion tests allow us to determine under simulated severe environmental conditions fasteners resistance to corrosion depending on their protective layer thickness. Our coating thickness measurement systems are based on X-rays and magnetic fields. Environmental tests in salt spray corrosion chambers are also available to comply with DIN 50.021.
  • Metrology test. Measurement of dimensional parameters.
  • Other indirect parameters of the application: friction coefficient, load-temperature, tightening cycles…)

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