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Light alloys and magnesium assemblies.


REMFORM®'F’ thread forming screws are specially designed for the assembly of Magnesium, Aluminum light alloy and other non-ferrous materials including copper, brass, etc.

Advantages of REMFORM®'F’ screws.

• Great cost saving opportunites by reducing the operations associated to metric screws.

• Less radial deformation of the housing during thread forming on low ductility materials.

• Low thread forming torque offering a more ergonomic assembly.

• High stripping resistance of the assembly.

• Higher thread engagement, allowing for its use in shallow holes and ensuring greater clamping transmission and pull-out resistance.

Design specifications for REMFORM®'F’ screws.

Apart from the references available in stock, we produce customised screws to fit your exact requirements.

To improve their functionality, REMFORM®'F’ screws can be produced under different head styles, recess, dimensions and coating configuration. 

For further information on options available, please contact our applications engineers.

Recommended hole design for REMFORM®'F’ screws.

Recommended dimensions for hole diameter and lenght of engagement are available at DESIGN GUIDELINES.

Applications of REMFORM®'F’ screws.

REMFORM®'F’ screws are recommeded for the assembly on:REMFORM F ALUMINUM PROFILE

• Magnesium parts with drilled, injected or punched holes.

•Aluminum profiles with open holes.

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