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CELO, global industrial fasteners manufacturer

CELO's mission and values

CELO Industrial Fasteners Mission and values

The MISSION of the CELO Group is to offer time to our customers  (purchase managers, engineers and other professionals). Time to devote to what their business really needs, time to be more efficient in assembly, time to innovate, time to open up new markets... and time to share

Our VISION is to find innovative new products and services to gain time for you by improving and being more efficient in management, installation and assembly.

The VALUES of the CELO:

  • Commitment and involvement

Displaying a positive attitude, respecting company values, colleagues and clients with the same level of dedication and hard work.

  • Focused on professionals and solutions

The ability to help and support professionals, meeting their technical and service requirements by being capable of identifying needs and implementing solutions.

  • Teamwork

Feeling part of a team and cooperating with others, showing commitment to achieving shared goals, creating a good atmosphere and sacrificing individual goals in order to achieve higher ones as a group.

  • International focus

Global view of the business, assessing the global impact of our work. An open mind, respect for other countries' culture.

  • Constant improvement and innovation

This involves coming up with technical solutions, new concepts and different, revolutionary practices to deal with everyday situations and applications.

  • Quality of work

Maximum consistency in doing work on time and correctly. Working in the best way possible by means of efficient, clear and simple work processes.

To reinforce our values, we offer from high-quality standard screws to customized technical fastenings solutions in order to provide to our customers added value. The Celo Group is firmly committed to quality at every level of the business, with a quality and sustainability policy that is implemented through internal rules and checks, as well as approval and compliance with quality certificates under international standards such as ISO 9001:2008.