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CELO, global industrial fasteners manufacturer

Fastening problems solving

The success of an assembly is determined by many factors. To propose the optimal solution we must consider the design and nature of the parts, the final requirements of the application and the installation parameter, Nevetherless, during the in-site application, we can find some problems linked to screw performance.

Our engineers have a solid experience and extensive knowledge of screw assemblies performance in industrial applications, consequently we are aware of the potential problems that could occur and the right solutions for each of them.

Contact us, we are ready to help you.

Efficiency in assembly line

TORX PLUS® improves assembly line performance and offers excellent cost savings, being the best system for automatic and semi-automatic feeding lines.

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Jamming of the screw

The screw head is not seating on cover material, so no clamping force is applied in the assembly. This can be caused by several situations.

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Stripping off

This problem happens when the tension generated by assembly torque is higher than nut shear strenght resistance. This can be caused by several situations.

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Delayed fracture

After certain period of time, the screws break just in the zone were cover and base material connect. 

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