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Do you know how to optimize the assembly of your Electric Vehicle Chargers?

The screws used in Electric Vehicle Charging units represent an important factor in the overall productivity, quality and profitability. You can ensure the joint reliability and the optimal assembly cost, only by using the right screws. 

As a global expert in electric mobility assembly solutions for plastic and metal, we make the right connections that enhance the overall performance and optimize the assembly process while reducing installation time and cost.

CELO application engineers are ready to support the manufacturers of Electric Vehicle Chargers in the Design for Manufacturing and Assembly, standardization, installation and cost optimization.


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Plastic assemblies in Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

There are many different components that are assembled into plastic parts in an EV Charging unit.

Polyamides and Polyesters offer a wide range of possibilities for applications in the area of battery charging with medium to low mechanical and chemical requirements. Given the ever-higher charging voltages and currents and structural components, the usage of fiber-reinforced plastics and polycarbonate material is increasing, and so the need for high performance screws.

REMFORM® II HS™ screws provide a resistant joint, safe and optimized assembly on a wide range of plastics, from unreinforced to engineered plastics, with great opportunities for cost reductions.

REMFORM® II HS™ screw for plastic

Advantages of using REMFORM® II HS™ screw in EV chargers plastic components

Secure and tight plastic assembly

Low thread forming torque
High resistance to stripping
High torsional strength

Ensure joint reliability in plastic assemblies

High pull-out resistance
High clamping force
Reduce loosening issues

Achieve up to 30% of cost savings

Eliminates the use of threaded inserts
Allows bosses with lower external diameter
Minimizes the risk of overstressing and cracking of the plastic
Improves lightweight by reducing materials and components

Let our application engineers help you to calculate the cost savings in your EV Charging Units.

Aluminum assemblies in Electric Vehicle Chargers

Inside an EV charger we can find many components assembled on aluminum housing. These assemblies are critical to ensure the electrical performance of EV Charging, and using the optimal assembly solution is the key to reducing costs and being more competitive.

TAPTITE 2000® thread rolling screws provide a strong mechanical joint and ensure the electrical performance of your EV Charging unit while reducing product cost and weight.

TAPTITE 2000® screw for metal

Advantages of using TAPTITE 2000® screw in EV chargers metal components

Secure and tight metal assembly

Excellent axial alignment – easy insertion
Low thread forming torque
High stripping torque

Ensure joint reliability in metal assemblies

High pull-out and vibrational loosening resistance
Guarantees electrical contact
Ensuing proper heat dissipation
High clamping force
Ensures tightness and prevents water leakage

Achieve up to 40% of cost savings

No need of previous tapping operations
Avoid costs related to cross-threading (scrap, line downtime…)
Eliminate cost of the elements to prevent loosening

Let our application engineers help you to calculate the cost savings in your EV Charging Units.

How to prevent cross-threading problems in your EV Chargers?

When assembling in pre-tapped holes with standard machine screws there’s a potentially high risk of blockage or cross-threading problems. MAThread® screws prevent cross-threading problems and provide great cost saving opportunities.

Advantages of MAThread® and MATpoint® screws

• Reduces screw insertion time

• Eliminates the risk of cross-threading

• Eliminates the cost derived from downtime, rework and scrap

MAThread® point

Let our application engineers help you to calculate the cost savings in your EV Charging Units.

How to protect your EV Charging unit from external influences

EV Charging stations are increasingly found in the street or in shopping outlets. Protecting them from vandal attack or unauthorized access is a must to prevent damage or public safety issues.

Screws with TORX PLUS® Tamper-Resistant drive system provides restricted access to interior components keeping all the assembly benefits of TORX PLUS® drive system.

Advantages of TORX PLUS® Tamper-Resistant drive system

• Ultimate torsional strength and geometry configuration allows optimum torque transfer

• Extended tool life allows increased productivity on the assembly line

• Limited access to driver bits ensures integrity of the system

TORX PLUS® drive system

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