How to reduce costs in metal assemblies?


What are assembly costs made up of?

On average, when fastening machine screws in metal assemblies, screw represents only 15% of the total in-place cost. The remaining 85% corresponds to tapping operations, cleaning oil and chips, usage of additional elements to prevent vibration loosening and cross-threading, labor expenses, ...

All of these elements are known as "BIG 85™".

Buying cheaper screws will not save you a lot. Screws represent just 15% of the total cost. The challenge is to reduce this "BIG 85™" and TAPTITE 2000® screw is the best solution to achieve this goal.

How to save costs with TAPTITE 2000® screw?

TAPTITE 2000® thread forming screws provide assemblies with excellent mechanical properties and ergonomics as well as significant cost savings in the overall assembly cost, that's "BIG 85™":

  • Eliminate tapping operation and all associated costs (taps, gauges, cleaning, inspection, ...)
  • Eliminate the use of additional elements to prevent cross-threading
  • Eliminate the use of additional locking elements to prevent vibrational loosening (adhesive patches, washers...)

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Assembly with TAPTITE 2000® screw vs. metric screw

Find below an example listing the operations that are needed to install a machine screw and TAPTITE 2000® screw. A good joint design allows TAPTITE 2000® screw to achieve significant cost savings in any assembly:

Assembly with Metric screw

Assembly with TAPTITE 2000® screw

Benefits of using TAPTITE 2000® thread forming screws

  • TRILOBULAR® cross-section geometry of TAPTITTE 2000® screws provides low and uniform threading torque and increased stripping-to-drive ratio, which improves assembly efficiency and reduces assembly costs.
  • Its excellent axial alignment in core hole requires low axial end load.
  • High pull-out and stripping resistance. TAPTITE 2000® screws roll-forms high strength internal threads, no chips or burrs are produced during lamination.
  • It allows a higher assembly torque, transmitting higher clamping to the assembly and reducing risk of stripping.
  • As it's a thread rolling screws, it eliminates cross-threading problems and scrap and repair associated expenses.
  • High prevailing torque allows superior resistance to vibration loosening eliminates the need of lock washers and/or adhesive patches.

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