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TAPTITE II® thread rolling screws create a high-performance nut into steel and light alloys and offer great opportunities to reduce costs, since it eliminates the need to pre-tap and its associated cost.

Only 15% of all assembly costs corresponds to the screws. TAPTITE II® screws are specially design to reduce the remaining 85%.

TAPTITE II® screw benefits

  • It reduces assemblies’ overall costs. It eliminates the need to pre-tap and all the associated costs when using machine screws.
  • Thread is formed by lamination to avoid chips and ensure a high pull-out and stripping resistance.
  • Low threading torque and perfect axial alignment.
  • High prevailing torque ensures clamping and vibration loosening resistance.
  • The nut created is compatible with machine screws.

TAPTITE II® screws in stock 

Current stock references are included below:

Apart from the references available in stock, we produce customized screws to fit your exact requirements.

To improve their functionality, TAPTITE II® screws can be produced under different head types, recess, dimensions and coating configurations.

For further information on options available, please contact our application engineers.

Recommended pilot hole sizes for TAPTITE II®screws

Recommended dimensions for hole diameter and length of engagement are available at DESIGN GUIDELINES.

TAPTITE II® screws applications

TAPTITE II® screws are the solution for: 

  • Assemblies that require a low threading torque.
  • Assemblies that require pull-out and vibration loosening resistance.

Automotive components - Electric material - Household appliances - Electronics

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