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The best cost-effective solution for JOINING THIN METAL SHEET

FASTITE 2000 thin metal sheet assembly

The unique FASTITE® 2000 thread rolling screws are the best cost-effective solution when joinining steel and aluminum thin sheets.

It offers a strong mechanical joint with excellent pull-out and vibration loosening resistance. 

FASTITE® 2000™ screws solve common fastening problems when joining thin metal sheet while offering a profitable and cost-effective solution.

Advantages of FASTITE® 2000 screws.

• Cost reduction by eliminating the associated costs when using machine screws and sheet extrussion.

• Twin-lead thread increases stripping resistance.

• Low threading torque improves ergonomics.

• High thread engagement provide high pull-out and vibration loosening resistance.

• Excellent alignment provides a secure and tight assembly

• Possibility of piercing thin materials with the optional cut off point

How does FASTITE® 2000 screws work?

FASTITE 2000 thin metal sheet assembly

1 Twin-lead helix provides starting stability

2 Special extruding point increases the thread engagement length during screw insertion

3 Increased core diameter approaching the underside of the head causes additional forward and backward extrusion increasing thread engagement.

Design specifications for FASTITE® 2000 screws.

We have available in stock the following references:

FT85T - Pan head screw, TORX®

• FT85Z - Pan head screw, POZI recess

• FTA85Z - Pan head screw, drilling point, POZI recess

• PG - Hexagonal flange screw,  cut off point

Apart from the references mentioned, we produce customised screws to fit your exact requirements. To improve their functionality, FASTITE® 2000 screws can be produced under different head styles, recess, dimensions and coating configuration. 

For further information on options available, please contact our applications engineers.

FASTITE® 2000 boss design recommendations.

Recommended dimensions for hole diameter available at DESIGN GUIDELINES.

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