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CELOspArk® screw

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CELOSPARK screw for plastics

For an optimal direct assembly of ductile plastics.

CELOspArk® screw is the last evolution of our CELOPLAST screw. The improved 30º thread design solves the problem of boss bursting and provides greater safety in the assembly process into ductile plastics.

CELOspArk® screw benefits

  • 30º thread design generates less radial tension on plastic reducing the problem of boss bursting.
  • Allows for bosses with smaller diameter, reducing the cost of the assembly.
  • Lower thread forming torque for a more ergonomic assembly. 
  • More resistant to pull-out and vibrational loosening.
  • Higher stripping resistance.
  • Quick alignment of the screw before screwing in, thus reducing assembly time.
  • Screws can be reused with a reduced risk of stripping.

When compared CELOspArk® to self-tapping screws (ISO 1478), the larger thread pitch and thread height of CELOspArk® screw results in bigger shearing zone, providing a more resistant nut member and, consequently, an increase in pull-out and stripping resistance.

CELOSPARK comparared to selftapping screw

If we carry out a resolution of resultant forces, 30º thread angle provides a 50% reduction of radial tension (Fr) when compared to self-tapping screws (60º).

screw for plastic CELOSPARK compared to selftapping screw

The technical benefits of CELOspArk® screws provide a more resistant assembly, greater safety during threading and lower costs of assembly.

CELOspArk®screws in stock

CELOspArk® screw is available in stock with the following designs:

To improve their functionality, CELOspArk® screws can be produced under different head types, recess, dimensions and coating configuration. 

For further information on options available, please contact our applications engineers.

CELOspArk® boss design tips

Recommended dimensions for hole diameter and length of engagement are available at DESIGN GUIDELINES.

CELOspArk® screw applications

The design of CELOspArk® screws meet the standards of a large number of electric material, electronics and automotive manufacturers (i.e. VW 603 62).

Electric material - Automotive - Household appliances - Lighting - Electronics - Furniture - Sports material - Toys

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