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The best in class for high demanding plastic assemblies.


The improvements of REMFORM® II™ “HS” (High Strenght) screws result in a more resistant, safe and optimized assembly with great opportunities for cost reduction.

Advantages of REMFORM® II™ “HS”’ screw.

• The optimized design of asymmetrical thread provides a more ergonomic assembly and increases resistance to pull-out forces, vibration loosening and stripping.

• Low radial forces minimize the risk of overstressing and cracking of the plastic. It allows for bosses with less external diameter offering great opportunities for cost reduction.

• High torsional strength of REMFORM® II™ “HS”’ fasteners ensures a high failure torque, advantage when the fastener is used in higher strength or fiber reinforced materials.

• It allows for a higher assembly torque and the possibility to work with deeper assemblies without increasing the diameter of the screw.

Design specifications for REMFORM® II™ “HS”’ screws.

Apart from the references available in stock, we produce customised screws to fit your exact requirements.

To improve their functionality, REMFORM® II™ “HS”’ screws can be produced under different head styles, recess, dimensions and coating configuration. 

For further information on options available, please contact our applications engineers.

REMFORM®II "HS boss design recommendations.

Recommended dimensions for hole diameter and lenght of engagement are available at DESIGN GUIDELINES.

Applications of REMFORM® II™ “HS”’ screws.

REMFORM® II™ “HS”screws are recommended in assemblies of high strength or fiber reinforced materials that require: that require:

• High assembly torque.

• High pull-out resistance.

• High resistance to vibration loosening.


Automotive, electric material, electronics and household appliances.

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