Books not to miss this World Book Day 2021

Published: 2021-04-21 | Updated: 2024-01-16

In celebration of World Book Day, we asked our colleagues, what some of the most interesting books they had read were in relation to engineering. Whether for pleasure or business, we have managed to categorise them into 3 topics: Engineering, Business Improvements and Sustainable Futures. 

In 2020 the coronavirus pandemic affected all areas of the world, leading to countries shutting down their borders and economies, impacting many international and local businesses. With the opening up of economies in 2021, we know how important it is for businesses wanting to move forward and grow. 

The books mentioned below can hopefully provide information to help you understand the way the industry works or may empower you and provide ideas on how to improve the future of your business or career.


With over 50 years working in assembly solutions and providing engineer supports, we understand that the management of time and resources are some of the biggest challenges facing our customers. Along with our blog post on application engineering support, hopefully, these books will also be able to provide you with some insights on how you can save time and money. 

Business improvements

At CELO we are dedicated to attention to detail: Small Things Matter. This is why we believe that growth and improvements to your business can be improved by developing your mindset to produce your best work within the construction and installation industries. Allowing you to make efficient and lasting changes to your business. Here are 3 of the books that have helped some of our colleagues: 

Sustainable futures

Sustainability is a hot topic for 2021 and many of our customers have been moving towards a more energy-efficient way of working and focusing on renewable energy. We are proud to be involved in many projects of sustainable products, such as LED lighting, electric car and e-mobility solutions, etc. We have many sustainability warriors working the CELO offices around the world and here are some of the books that have inspired them.

We hope you were able to find something inspiring in our list of books for 2021. To keep up to date with more news and information then don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter down below. To discover what else we've been up to you can view more stories in our news section.