COFME quarterly meeting

This week CELO welcomed partners COFME Electrical Group to their offices for the quarterly meeting, introducing COFME to the new Headquater offices and utilising the CELO showroom for the first time. 

The meeting is important as it gives a chance for all members to share their experience and knowledge about current topics in the market. 

Meeting in the new CELO showroom - Castellar del Valles, Spain

COFME is an alliance of 8 leading Spanish companies in the electrical and mechanical manufacturing sectors, helping to provide a global portfolio to its clients. Together they are able to share knowledge and capabilities that allow them to build a stronger relationship with others in the industry.

Through this cooperation, CELO expects to gain firsthand knowledge of the electrical sector that will help build future projects, as well as provide exposure to other markets globally. 

The day provided an opportunity for many different discussions including: 

Industrial automation - Demand and supply of workers, scalability and improved control.

Price increases - The global increase of prices seen in raw materials such as aluminium and steel.

Distribution problems - Including disruptions to deliveries and supply chain management. 

Manufacturing locations - relocation to more local areas to help improve the previously mentioned topics.

CELO is already looking forward to the next meeting with COFME partners.